Demo Sessions

We do many demo sessions in-house with our staff writers. Find out how we can help you get professional demos of your song. Listen to the songs below to see what kind of demo sessions we can put together for you!

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Custom Productions

We help artists bring their songs to life by helping them build a product they can be proud of. Whether it's a single, an EP, or a full-length project, we can book the musicians and studio time and handle all the steps for you. Please see below for our label services.

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Label Services

Are you an independent artist planning to release a project soon? We are here to help you with all your administrative needs. From registering an ISRC code to issuing mechanical licenses to your co-writers, and getting your song distributed to every online retailer, you can count on us to launch your project. 

Catalog Management

All songwriters should have a central location for their songs. We will help you organize your lyric sheets, work tapes, demos, and even get your songs registered on the Performing Rights Organizations.